A woman is the entire universe that a man lives in

From the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world to “who runs the world”, make no mistake…. a woman might not be on the forefront of anything as such, but she is the reason for everything.

Since the time Adam was thrown out of the heaven because of eve to a docile housewife who may get beaten by her father, brother, husband…..women are actually running the show.

Softly whispered Venom

Women are those soft whisperers who may direct your mind to directions that you think are your own.

As soon as a woman knows she has a “say” and she settles herself in a man’s mind….she knows she is in power of that guy. When ever there will be a need, she will whisper softly…. smile politely….just give a look in a certain direction when he is watching her….she is always aware she is in his radar…. she will communicate with him……transfer her message without uttering a single word, without even looking at him, without making a physical move…. Do you know how powerful a woman feels and how deep she is to hide it in her?? Do you know what this kind of a woman thinks about a man….what she thinks about “her” guy???

Fizzah, is an example of such a kind…. and she does it very nicely 🙂

Kindness gets too sour

Mothers in general have a whole life plan for her son or daughter ever since she gives birth to them, and she may not let anyone alter it….not even the son /daughter him/herself. On a more generalized level, she is a person who has taken life on the normal route of a life cycle. They may have sacrificed a lot in their entire life…from distorting and deforming their body shapes to sleepless nights and unpaid, unappreciated hard work around the house for the sake of their kids. And they tell themselves of a time when they’ll reap the rewards in abundance.

These women also want to rule the world….in their minds, the kids are their army and they are the commanders, who will get their goals in life through their kids. Specially sons.

The bonds that a mother has with her children, a father can never have….for this is very natural. And what is observed in significant cases as to how a mother can emotionally blackmail, exploit and manipulate her children to get her “say”….her “army” can easily be used against any of her potential threats….Just imagine, if someone dares to threaten her territory….her kids, house, or husband. What not would she do and to which extent won’t she go.

Women will always have their way

The difference between a man’s revenge psychology and a woman’s revenge psychology is that a man takes revenge from the one he got bit from…..a woman on the other hand, destroys everyone and everything.

In a typical sub continental set up, a woman knows that she has nothing of her own and all of her setups are temporary… her parent’s have told her that she will go to “her” house when she’ll get married and as she does, her husband keeps telling her that there is a series of ifs and buts that should be catered to accordingly else, she will be spared… In a scenario like that, kids become her power and then she lives her life through them. her only dim hope to sustenance is to keep her children as close to her as possible.

Who is right behind you

Women know they can’t take the center stage. They know that it is  a man’s world and by the end of it is a world where a man was, is and will always be the undisputed king!

So the shrewd women, stand “right behind him” and rule…. you may find men saying…women make stupid decisions and they have no sense of how the world goes, but trust me….women are better schemers  plotters, and manipulators and there is nothing a man can achieve without the help of a woman by her side. A man may deal with the outside world, but he always takes advice from “the woman in his life” in everything that he does. Mostly, his angle to see if she can be proven otherwise and that is the surety or the challenge that a woman gives to her man….”If you don’t trust me, see for yourself”

These very convincing vague statements play such a havoc in a man’s head that he will keep twirling inside his head till he will leave it all and throw it away. Actually, he believes her right away up to 99% and just to make it 100% he tests….but even then he usually settles with 99% 🙂

Look at any successful man….there will always  be a woman behind him, his emotional support, hid friend, his life partner, his mother, his well wisher. And look at a man who was on his way to making it big and had a falling half way through….there will always be two women behind him 😛

A man who listens to one woman will always be better off than the one who listens to two….or more than one.

Cheers to us women…..we really know what we are doing! 😉

The Badly treated ones

There is a kind in women who always become a “victim”. There abusers keep changing from one face to another but they remain in the vicious cycle. The question is, why do these women can’t break free?

Men treat women the way they see women being treated around them.                                                                        

            sadly, it is the women around them who tell them how to treat other women if they don’t “behave”

A man who treats a woman in a decent, respectable manner is not always because how she actually is but it largely depends on his point of view about women in general. His mother was treated well, she educated him well and gave him good values and explained him in the most realistic manner the truth about women, without keeping herself safe.

Ex: She will tell him to treat his wife nicely and kindly and with love and care without considering that she may lose the attention she previously had all to herself. She will tell him to always be courteous and at his best behavior around women and  won’t tell him that girls are out there to get him and that his wife is a witch!!!!

On the contrary, If he has seen his mother, sister and other women being treated badly or if it is a custom in his family or sub culture to treat women as inferior beings, he will treat women the same way. It is an irony with such men that, education, awareness and exposure to other cultures and customs of the world don’ t really make much difference since the core up bringing and the values he gets in the formative years of his life were based on discrimination.

So, a man who takes women as inferior beings for reasons that are  beyond her physical appearance, physical strength or mental/emotional vulnerability.  Instead, his ego will not allow him to place her right next to him even in his mind. These men will choose someone like themselves to transfer women under their command (such as fathers would choose a son in law or a brothers would choose a brother in law), to a man who prefers and practices the same values and ideas about women. That will be their area of comfort. 

The Walking Wounded

Women with such wounded souls live their lives in two ways; either they become cattle or commodity to their masters or they become rebels.

When they succumb to being taken as cattle or commodity, they kill themselves in terms of their desires, their wishes, their rights to being a human and practicing basic human rights and give them in the hands of a tyrant who does not consider them more than a sub human.

If they become rebel, which is very seldom a case, they are marked by men and society in general, as a woman who should set an example to other women as to how not to be and what not to do to live….to survive with men and in a society. A woman of such nature later on becomes a precedent to future generations and to any young girl with high hopes, dreams and ambitions to become a complete individual if her immediate relatives, friends, and society does not support her.

What Difference Can A Person Make?

I, am living a life of a person who will fight for her rights and the rights of those who can’t speak for themselves….but will be perceived as a rebel and a threat to the norms and culture of the society. I’m trying my level best to living it up to my persona. But, it is hard, rough, and mostly futile… the only hope that remains is to make a difference in the conceitedness that prevails around me and the rotten society in general. I will carry on! and yes, I won’t recommend young girls or women to follow my footsteps. For everyone can’t be me.


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