Life is much more easier when you can take revenge and curse back….at least you feel lighter. It is a blessing.
Pity on those who find the crimes so big, they can’t even think of an appropriate punishment.

For them, every limit they reach to try and make it equal to it, they only end up finding it very small and insignificant.
even ditto won’t do!

And if you think you have done an offense which is considerably a point of no return, don’t give them a reason or a situation to get back at you. Do not underestimate a bitch with a grudge!
Figuring out the truth is always the hardest thing in the world… truth may remain hidden but is absolute, whereas lies change with the tides….so my fickle fickle friends, whats your game?
 Sooner or later, it will reveal itself to me….till then, everything is your desperate attempt for “something”.
 If love was from the heart, the expression would’ve been from the heart too…
 But when you bring a world in between, the only thing that becomes a reality is “the world in between”

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