The autobiography of a girl who chose to be the gullible one…

The mere fact that she has gone through a tricky situation so many times, never let her be someone who won’t cut you a slack or won’t  take you as a completely unprecedented situation or to give you the benefit of the doubt just because when she did before and as she always does, she finds herself to be the one whose guard’s weren’t up and she couldn’t read the in between lines or couldn’t quite pay heed to her ever nagging instincts, her sixth sense of her higher self that keeps the signs evident enough for even others to read, the alerts are bright red and ringing on there highest pitch, she has the strength to look beyond, ignoring it all and giving a chance. She surely lives on hope!

Does she really not know or is it not honest enough an act?

Being a tad bit crazy, she learns something new or decides/ concocts her own learning through experiencing pretty simple things with a twist.

Her “high” lies in the experiments of situations that she allows to be lead by others to see if in this situation, a person like her/him, given the background as such, mixed with someone like me…..what will be the turn out?

If it is not real, it is a game ….. and she is curious to find out the truth or the real story…..

A different take on a life story of a tragic Jane Eyre of the modern era, wait for a story with a twisted take on the same old damsel in distress.

Coming Soon!


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