whenever you find yourself stuck… the only thing certain and actual is that you’ll move ahead from that point and won’t be stuck here forever. How you get yourself to move on and when exactly you make your move is totally up to how quick you make an understanding in your head about it. Either you’ll accept everything as is, or you’ll reject and call it quits.

I was mistaken about love….. I thought love was caring for someone like you really mean it by heart and soul…. I thought loving someone was regardless of what you may get in return…. Love was a feeling that remains when all else fades away or everything fades away in front of love… love is about being at and giving peace to someone…. love is yours if it truly exist and no one needs to reassure to get to feel it… I thought love is to die for and not kill for…. take all unto yourself than to throw at another…. I thought love was kind…

Love which is proven by getting dirty… showing everyone the lowest you can go to JUST FOR LOVE!!!! JUST FOR YOU!!! what a big bitch you can be and the shit you can give to EVERYONE including the one you love…how granted you take when you have it and then shun everything around to keep it that way….NOW THAT IS REAL LOVE!

There can be many ways in which you can define the feeling and everyone will and may have their take on it. One of which can be that it is ALWAYS a two way traffic. It exists in totality and not in parts. It is present at both ends the same way. And most of all, the expectation is the offering as well. One can’t ask for something which one is not willing to give or is not able to give.

Relationships are as simple and easy as you make them and if you are not making them any simpler, they don’t actually exist at all. The sooner we realize it the quicker we will be able to take ourselves and others out of, what remains to be is a suffering all in all.

When you mock it, it mocks you back on its own….without you interfering with the cycle of a process.


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