There is nothing more surprising than your ex trying to get back at you. Or is it?

A side, B side is all bull’s crap… no matter how cool you’d like to play it, by the end of it…..you JUST CAN’T GET OVER the fact that you lost her/him/her….:P

So my dear dear dumb diary…..do not sweat the small stuff………look at the brighter side…the bright and early morning sunshine says……let them do what they can cause you can’t stop it and live your life the way you want because evidently, they can’t help it.

So, if there is anyone ACTUALLY gaining out of it ($$$$$) is a genius and if you are feeling bad just see it this way: By the end of it, whatever happened was not a complete waste after all…..at least  for SOMEBODY!!!

So what if a few people helped themselves with some entertainment. I’m glad they did. For their otherwise sad lives could never mean anything more….or so it seems………

Be the person you’ve always been….a barking dog won’t stop barking cause it may be a disturbing noise to your ears…and a morning show host won’t stop hosting his show “his way” just so he could be a better human being.

The ground breaking idea of treating a completely useless bunch of words for all humanity turned to a couple of laughs for the less fortunate is a kind of selfless giving that I always believed in. Every penny spent to provide smiles, laughs and high fives is a money well spent “my friend” ….. and every smile, laugh or a high five among friends makes them come even closer to each other and helps in developing an undying bondage. Be gleeful for those who have made it all…bonds have been made over hatred…friendships revived over jealousy… club membership increased due to viewership and all this goodness for making others happy for absolutely nothing. How kewt!!! Are you feeling any kewter dear dumb diary???? hmmmm?????

Here is an example of this wonderful phenomenon called recycling. It promotes one thing; NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS USELESS!
Even dumbness…..of yours or someone else’s 😛
Hilarious read!

 the idea is so amazing, I hate to accept I didn’t think of it….. “I ENVY YOU”

 I always believed nothing goes to waste….even being DUMB….dumbness is actually selling and is now oh so PRECIOUS!!!
Just surprised that the list even includes the DUMB!!! three cheers to the dumb and dumbers fan club!


ka’ ching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $


Lets pretend this never happened. At least the colors are “catchy”!!!

dumbness is precious

Never underestimate dumbness.

Yeah!!! one thing is for sure, a human can never go hungry for days because of unemployment…..and being dumb is no more a valid excuse!… The thought of someone’s children being fed by selling dumbness or a wife getting her latest fashion accessories is calming enough … it feels like “helping”.


In business, there is only one rule! What ever sells, STAYS.


Angeline….if she knew any better about  how she is seen, she could keep herself safe.


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