We usually choose to ignore a lot of the “side-stuff”…. Stuff that could be of significance to somebody or even to you in the long run.

Just a few days ago I was thinking this;  if convenience is love then this world will end on 21-12-12.

“I mean come on…when going gets tough you bail out and then when it is all oh so convenient, you try sneaking in somehow….of course all “in the name of love” and your only excuse could be; “it never suited me then but maybe now I have a shot at it”….well Laugh out Loud at this! should be the appropriate reaction… or a mouth full of vomit sprayed all over you …followed by a hysterical laughter and an “are you kidding me” look!

Waltzing in and out of someone’s life could be a thrill if yours is getting really boring but trust me; if the person on the other side meant anything for real at all at the time they were with you, they won’t walk the same road twice and here is a fairly justified reason:

You, looked away for any god damn reason you can concoct right now for it, but the ground reality for the other person was the ease and convenience you found doing what so ever you did!!

So, if you could give up at that time, you can give up at any time in the future probably without a warning…. and this time, without any left over guilt as well since you could say, “you should have known better”!!

Also, if the person on the other side meant anything for real at all at the time they were with you, you should at least have the courtesy to not bother them again. You couldn’t mean it or make it then, there is absolutely no way you can or will ever again! with the same person.

So, there is a reason why it never worked out at the first attempt….that made it all end….there was a reason! big enough to walk away, abandon and move on, which became a reality and that should stay now. It is only fair!

These are the repercussions of taking an action way too soon, not thoroughly thought through, and not envisioned properly.

Calm yourself down by telling yourself… if I can’t turn back time and be in the same time and place again….I can’t make it work with the  person that was there back then! 

Believe it! This is your only truth!

One other thing that I believe and I guess it does exist i.e there is such a thing as “too good to be true”!

Well….have you ever thought why someone won’t believe even against their better judgement that a person could ACTUALLY havve feelings as true as true can be???

Here is why: you can’t believe your dear god this could really be! it doesn’t exist

Or it is just fake false a fabrication to get you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the first “assumption” you are just deny it point blank.

In the second “assumption” …………well, lets put it to test!

and test more………..and more……….and more……..and some more……….so every time there is a close convincing …..raise the fuckin bar……just a little bit higher…..after all, it has to be proven true!



higher……….reached baby!!! I reached………..till it all breaks apart as was dreaded…….the limit has been reached……

Oh!!! so, now it is safe to say that it wasn’t THAT true after all!!!!!!!!!!

The mad hatters party and the poor old rabbit’s clock it all turns out to be….”three days late that is what it was! ” 

So when you reach your limit, you give up….”VOLUNTARILY” !!!

One whose watching from afar would know where this is headed… a wild goose’s chase…isn’t it ironic!

So, while we are blowing our very own trumpets… lets just say, if no one lost you, you didn’t lose anyone/anything at all as well 🙂


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