A home made of finest wood,

As a cabin of sanctuary,

that catered to the life long essentials,

pleasantness and simplicity.

With fire it could become ashes,

little did I know,

the one who helped forge it,

was the one who torched it too.

With a heart as heavy as mine,

one could remain forever a rock,

but steadily I made my move,

to make a house of rocks.

With stones stood a castle,

cemented this time with care,

for fire once burnt it all,

a house that I once lived in.

“How a well built home be banished!”

If it stands so strong and high,

ruthless mockery had it tarnished,

“stones were ready to fly”

It was all very well thought out,

just eager to press “destroy”

“boom goes the dynamite”

and so did I!

this time it was an air strike

that caused inside me a hollow,

standing in the ruins of sand and stone,

my very own mount of sorrow.

“sudden death” it is, thought I,

As I jumped in the nearby lake,

A different medium to live in

is a human’s survival instinct.

“unfamiliarity”, an estranged feeling,

now feels more like home,

for there are many a survival skills,

that I yet needed to hone.

fool! fool! they called out,

for her happiness is utter surreal,

Like a fighter’s best fight back,

Life had no more fears.

“home”, “home” can’t you find it?

is what came from all sides,

I stood there like a statue

as if life has passed me by.

burnt and bruised, I call  it treachery,

for wrong can never be right,

A life you see as a comical tragedy,

I really have lived all the while.

one was burnt, another destroyed,

homes made of wood and stone.

London bridge is falling down,

 being always  the background score.

So I live in one thats air bourne,

so nobody could call it their own/throne.

For it takes blood & tears

and a hard work’s sweat too

to turn a house into home

It is not a child’s play, you know.

It is not easy to be right,

and to make it big too.

for everything bears a price

I’m sure you know it too.

I live in a beautiful haven,

 one that is pure and true,

though it is in my imagination,

“like a hologram”, just so you know

gentle and warm with love and affection,

it has no serpents or vile,

a home I always dreamed of,

as my imaginations go wild.

hardships may be worse

but worst is a lesson not learnt

you have to bear them like medals

for survivors are heroes unsung.

the lesson my dear, is simple,

it is not so unkind,

you need to weigh your gains,

alongside the vice.

For the decisions are never easy,

and not that hard too,

it is the clarity in your pathway,

and what one must do!

Home is now and forever,

past is the ghost that looms,

breaking free from memories,

can get you out of gloom,

eyeing up at the sky,

No, you’re not doomed,

you’ll fly a glorious flight,

for a butterfly can’t ever be cocooned.

So, bright lights and smoking chimney,

and a garden where flowers bloom,

you’ll find my home the most homely,

    with everything broomed and groomed.

Calling it my home, my haven, my heaven,

May it be real some how,

the dreams and wishes like prayers,

That is EXACTLY where I live now!


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