Physical scarring versus mental scarring

It is bad to have physical scars and that you have to bear the torment of being asked and seen with prejudiced, inquisitive looks. You may be able to hide it by covering them so as to avoid any personal intrusions what so ever. But if you don’t find them abnormal, others won’t notice it either.

But even more so, the scars that you carry in your mind, dents your entire personality in such a way that you just become a walking wounded. The scarred minds are people who walk, talk like ghosts…. they become completely focused and over obsessed with the focal point of being mentally marred.

I can never decide if I have to choose one, what will I be able to live with forever?

Physical sickness versus mental sickness

Another similar situation is that someone has a sick mind, full of sick thoughts  or being sickly obsessed with something or without something. They never can realize the difference between the normal and the extreme anymore.

In comparison to this, someone who is afflicted with a disease of some kind. I don’t know here, what to choose if I really have to make a choice.

Someone who makes you feel sick? someone who gets sick because of you? I mean where do you draw the line exactly?

You are better off with not choosing any probably!


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