Going through the pages of this rusty book, life unfolded the different shades of a mask that concealed the identity.

A young arrogant male dominating figure….announcing his domination. A kiss with a fist is better than none.

Women…. with all the time in the world on the palms of their hands. A group of  chatter-box holding a pendora’s box….daring each other to let it slip so as it falls on the ground, all the beholding will scatter,…..revealing the secrets, proving their existence.

To keep yourself at a safe distance as recognition of their venom, viciousness and wickedness becomes unbearable to be held within, bursting out in fury, jealousy and rivalry of those women, is a skill that you learn very subtly and unconsciously.

Be cautious, specially if you are unlike them. The greater the gap, the more caution is required.

A satanic mind frame of an older woman. The life of a woman gone by in any extreme will cause a mental imbalance. If the problem is not recognized timely by self and rectified or dealt with in an appropriate manner, the one  who suffers may face psychological ailments, and may inflict the same to other near and around her.

A satanic mind frame of an older woman, sweet talk a young, innocent, wide-eyed little girl, into her cunning schemes. LoLing and high fiving with her besties for a time of her life. Caution is the word!

Nobody can be more pathetic than a person stepping way down to mingle and feel like belonged. Have you ever noticed a more pitiful sight than that of a person trying really hard to “fit-in” in a regressive manner. How shallow and fake is the feeling, it can’t even touch the upper most layer of skin….let alone sink in.

Trust-to-rust-to-rut………the three deadly stages of change….sadly, this change caused a very pure goodness to die so as coldness could replace it…. for survival!

as each syllable dropped, the goodness began to drain…..leaving a very gruesome, corpse of a being…..the reaper takes away the soul of it all…..and darkness engulfs the poor mortal being….with occasional glimpses of light….but an eternal fate of living like a shadow and not self.


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