The most humane and understanding religion in the world is Islam that caters to every facet of life. It teaches and preaches love. For Allah, mankind and all that God created. Allah created this universe for humans and did not reveal everything at once but scattered the bounties in every corner and hid it from the normal vision. But, Allah gave humans a tool to decipher the coded inscriptions….it is the mind. and five basic senses to aide the mind. On top of it God also gave man the power of heart and soul which can be the sixth sense. So, this world is an open field and man is a hunter and everything in it, is for him.

The universality of religion and its teachings are so vast that a human mind needs a a lot of honing to just be able to take a single baby step in the search of the yet unknown phenomena. There are several sects of knowledge and subjects that need more profound pondering to keep up with the ever changing times.

On the other hand, what taliban teaches you is gender bias and jihad in the wrong sense. Thats it.

Tali-ban…. no clapping, singing, merry mking, enjoying life the best way you know. This is the motto of so called soldiers of Islam and its teachings. These quacks who mis guide other people with relatively weaker religious values or ones who are “in search” have not even been muslims most of their lives, instead they lived a life of might is right. They will use every possible scare tactic in which black mailing and sending on a guilt trip tops the list  to make you accept their ways.

Gone are the days where people lived with freedom and lightness in their lives. When life was on a progressive path.

What they do not comprehend is that there is a very thin line between manipulation and proving oneself right. Force and pressure are inversely proportional to truth. Unless one does something with complete free will, the authenticity of it being absolutely true is compromised and can’t truly be judged correctly. Anything forced, even if it is for the right reasons it falls under cruelty. Allah has asked you to contest against cruelty of any kind. And since Islam is a very reasonable religion and it always gives you degrees of freedom and varied choices of actions, it gives you degrees on which you can record protest and show your resistance.

For cruelty alone, there are three very basic ways of protest. If you can stop cruelty by hand, do it. If  you can’t then speak ill of it. Id you can’t even do that then disagree with it in your heart.

To take total control of mind and body systems control is not going to make them change themselves, instead it will only create loathe and hatred for fascist groups that can’t stand the middle way of living a life.

Pressure tactics on any kind even to the limit of sexual torture is never a way to make young and simple minded boys and girls to love islamic teachings and islam….it makes them hate the religion, the religious people and their ways. Al-huda and other pro taliban groups are trying to terrorize youth and getting their brains washed to do things in the pursuit of heaven.

this is a mis guided trend setting in the society, where they practice and preach that part of islam which suits them.

Please save your children from such charlatans, the quacks of islam who are abusing women in the name of islam in the most unislmic way……to make them walk the path of righteousness by sexually abusing and slandering them is not islam.

please stay alert for this is an american controlled groups right in the mid of our most urban cities, very steadily “making a change” …..the idea is to make people turn extremists so as to prove to the world that pakistan is a terrorist country and america can take what ever action it can to eventually take over it….like afghanistan.
Please stick to your own belief systems…..know your religion through known, literate scholars and not these beardo wierdos…. please don’t be a victim because if once you’ll get hypnotized by them….there will not be an easy way out of it for you or your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allah will always be happy if one never surrenders. Leave the rest to Allah.


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