Humans were sent in this world to obey Allah’s commands. And Satan was sent to distract him from the path of righteousness. It is the ever so basic plot of good versus evil that was sent at the time of creation.

Just like it was set, the antidote to it was given with it. Allah has made the cure of snake- poison in snake’s poison. The “facts” never change and everyone knows and accepts them at least in their hearts. As assuring as it sounds, it is very disheartening to see that sometimes the vagueness and obscurity can deplete the spirits to the minimum.

Satan rules only by its worshipers. A man of belief can stand alone and still be the most upright person even if the whole world stands against him. The choice to become Allah’s warrior is second to none.

It is true that if you have to sell your soul to devil himself to get fame, fortune and worldly possessions, power and charisma, it gets quite a deal since he promises to solve all of your worldly problems, grants you your worldly desires and puffs your shallow, superficial ego, helps you fake your pride in the masses so as to feel esteemed and superior. The arrogance that fuels a shallow barrel of a person who became hollow after selling the soul and as soul leaves the body a vacuum is created that needs fulfillment in the most materialistic way.

The ways to darkness begin from an uncontrolled despise for good and goodness. The darkened mind, the clamped hearts cultivate more blackness in the absence of what ever light one’s soul produced. The attempt to punish you for every good gesture and deed are the seeds of grudges that one starts bagging in oneself  leaving a feel of ill treatment and being at a loss…. as good deeds get penalized, it raises the very significant question: Would you leave your way?

Allah also gives you charisma and strength…the one that comes from goodness alone. Selfless devotion to humanity at any level guarantees Allah’s consent for you. God’s consent is man’s content.

Everyone has a price. This is the second fact being stated here. The second most significant question is:  “Can you determine the correct price?” followed by the question: “Is one affordable”?

The debate of price versus value solves for one the question of affordibility. Your weakest point will get Satan his best bargain. Usually the misery beyond endurance breaks the strongest of hearts, souls and characters. So, a sudden release of pain or switch to endorfins (hormones responsible for happy feel) gets you elated and one ceases to resist the attacks partly or completely.

The extreme torture followed by “gifts” is the easiest and most common satanic manipulation, testing you with Lust, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Greed, Pride, Jealousy, a common man is bound to fall in for one or a couple of them. But a test of time also tells a person with moral strength for how strong his’her morality actually is? So, the ones who take tests like these are not adrenaline junkies…..they may be “in search” of themselves.

So if not a hermit, you may find in yourself a human being that god created in its original form. The power of this world is given by God and is handled by the devil. But a human keeps the balance of control.


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