On the election day, May11, 2013, I went to cast my vote to a party that has an ideology. We have  severe dearth of people in this country who can tell the basic right from wrong. As a nation that is rapidly growing in number on the list of most corrupt nation in the world, there is a hope that someone comes in our life and tell us through his leadership and statesmanship, where our north is.

In times like these when we are faced with one chaos after another, facing tragedies in the form of bomb blasts and target killing, where economy has hit rock bottom,  population is increasing by an exponential rate reflecting inversely on literacy rate, health care facilities, trauma centers are the basic needs of the time just like when countries are in a state of war. 

With no security for life, unstable economy, under developed, non existent infra structure, weird cultural norms due to lack of education or directionless education. Inflation is a monster that grows with the passage of seconds, increasing the strata of poverty into an uncontrollable state. Not just this, natural disasters take on us like nothing.

 Isn’t this a wake up call for us as a nation to know why is our country in the state that she is in? Isn’t this our responsibility to stop complaining and start doing that bit which ignites the whole system? i.e by casting vote for the right party/candidate.

In the formative years of my life, when the cultivation of mind set and establishment for a direction to make opinions took place, I saw that governments came and went and that people in general were in misery and were  fighting against injustice. Over the course of time, faces remained the same and took turns one after another to carry on  their dirty dealings by an under handed oath taken by all of them. They are all corrupt and they know each other pretty well. So, they save each other, being the true brothers of their fraternity.

Allah promises that he will make our ruler, the one that truly reflects us as a nation. So unless we find our faults, our rulers won’t change. Not raising our voice for our rights as an individual, and as citizens presuming  that this corrupt system will not let us be, helps strengthen the oppressors.

People who fear being without something, can never do anything extraordinary in their lives. So I went and for the first time, after such a long time, casted my vote since I found an option that truly reflected my ideas through which we can save and improve the state of affairs in the country.

In 2007, Benazir talked about federation and saving Pakistan. sadly, she was assasinated. PPP died with her. What happened in the 2008 elections was a reactionary government which established solely due to sympathy votes and not entirely on ideology. PPP voters have now converted to PTI.

Now, Imran Khan is the only politician who talks about federation, and saving Pakistan from the power hungry wolves waiting eagerly to attack on their prey.

No clear majority of a single party in any province shows that there is not even one party except PTI, that is well accepted in all of the four provinces. Had rigging not taken place, who knows the tsunami we anticipated could actually wash away more parties and not just PPP, ANP etc which should have a time out from politics now atleast for a decade, so that change could take place, establish itself and prevail.

Show of power is in the show of unity, faith and discipline. We finally have a hope in a leadership that could speak to the people for the people. PTI is here and so is hope….for the wheel of corruption to stop churning the same old tactics….maybe, just maybe we can still become a better nation and a progressive country.

It is better to make a strong opposition than a weak alliance. PTI will learn exactly what NOT to do, sitting in the opposition 😀 If not this time, no one can stop PTI to form a government in the upcoming election. My prediction is 2014-15.

Keeping politics away from personal life is essential since there is no direct connection. Your political view is for the betterment of the country. Your personal decisions are your personal choice.


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