For the past one month, I’ve been working on home improvement project. For this purpose, I’ve been purchasing household items, top of the list are the electronic appliances. As a person who takes care of checks and balances, I always keep the receipt and it is the first thing that I ask for post purchase.

Here’s the thing! for whatever object I bought, I received a faulty receipt. So, if I bought a fridge for lets say, Rs.27,500/- the receipt will show you Rs.25,000/- only.

And if I bought an air conditioner for lets just say, 30,000/- the receipt will show you Rs.28,500/- only.

The price difference on the paper and what my wallet lost was noticeably different and I fail to understand the purpose of book keeping and actual sales.

This is a new concept for a newbie like me. I am struggling to understand the intentions behind such a dubious dealings. 

The underhanded deal was not a very smart move since nothing I reiterate, Nothing in this world will stay a secret FOREVER. Doesn’t it scare them?

Let alone a DIRTY PICTURE of such a “deal” of all the things…. To show someone how much I got it for, is not possible anymore since the actual sale does not represent the figures on paper. Any item purchased does not have an authentic receipt putting me in a dilemma as to what should I be putting across, If I say what the receipt says, I will be lieing. If I tell what I spent, the receipt will be lieing 😦

Whether the price is high or low, the receipt would not stand for the actual value of the said item.

What was the amount again?

Fridge ——-spent 27,500——shows 25000/-

AC————spent 30,000——shows 28,500/-

The moral of the story is facts may differ from the figures but the truth is absolute.

Ever thought of such a “dealer” being under the close watch of the “total disclosure” police?

Think Again!


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