There is not much of a difference in men from east and west. Specially when it comes to possessions. In the guy’s book of codes, women are an item of possession as well, specially in the east. Men fail to notice ‘boundries’ when it comes to the women in their life. Their daughters,sisters and wife gets the biggest chunk of protective instincts than other women, not even moms.

I have seen men who treat women as objects. From ‘not so possessive’ to ‘possessive till you feel strangled’. The degrees may vary but the feeling exist in all. To my understanding, there must be a very good reason for such behaviors!

Yes, why do men behave in such ways? An expected response can be;

To protect their women from other men, who are just like them.

So, what is it that these men know about which scares them so much? A threat which is enough to shut women behind closed doors, under strict surveillance, in multiple locks, behind loads of veils. What is it that men have in them which is so horrifying that scares other men so much, it forces to shun their women, even kill them for honor?

I am not being racist, feminist, liberal or the sort. I am just asking a simple question. What is the problem?

Is the problem with one man?  With all the men? some of them? or is it merely a psychological disorder in a few unfortunate individuals? Or it could be a family trait?

 What ever it is, the problem lies with men who act like this. Do a background check and you’ll find that either they had an unfortunate incident in their childhood regarding opposite gender interaction, or they saw something that has an irreparable effect on their psyche.

For such misogynist, working women are their best targets. And the ones who use their brain and then speak about it are the easy ones. These men percieve that by default, women are inferior! They are weaker, inferior beings and have less of a brain or motor skills or cognitive skills than men. They try to win their argument with a changing of a flat tyre. (haha)

Man; Well honey, but can you change your flat tyre?? (so NOT valid a reason.)

Woman; The ‘mechanic’ will do that for a couple of bucks, but should I be with him then? 😀

Why I’m laughing you may ask? Because, I know that someone who has power and an upper hand do not have to ‘win’ every little argument.

Because they do not find women their competition at all. (haha) Such men see, working women (by working women I mean who work outside their household as well as inside their domain) as humans but of the opposite gender, trying to make it in the world like any one else would. They may or may not appreciate the efforts but they won’t feel ‘threatened’. To them, it is rather gratifying a sight to know that their counterparts are or can be just as good!

On the other hand, I have seen men who can take the most simple sentences and repeat it in the most obscenely offensive way. Listening to which can make one doubt one’s own mind or the words one uttered…..words remain the same, but the implied meaning may change, leaving a trail of a filthy, nauseating feel, with a sudden urge to gasp for a different air…

The problem does not lie with the speech or action,  but with the way that brain churns out meanings …that create thoughts….which create perception…..that make the beliefs and belief system of this peculiar man.

In our society or most of the strictly patriarchal societies, men have to really work hard on their primitive instincts to calm down their aggressive, animalistic nature. To develop a basic sense of judgement and of righteousness. To smooth those rough edges. To become civilized and behave in a humane manner. Usually they can be identified from a considerably distant look, as if they are carrying a neon sign on top of their heads. But they could be very devious as well, you may NEVER be able to fully unfold the layers of chauvinistic gestures that never let them take off their “gentleman’s cloak” in ‘public’. But, they do drop hints of their true nature. If one is not totally smitten, they are pretty obvious to judge.

Here is an example. Men who ask their wives to wear hijaab and burqa or to do proper parda are those who ogle other women who may or may not be in parda. They have no respect for women in general, including their mother, daughters, sisters, wife. Do a research today… check out every scared, shy, fully covered woman’s husband or father/brother/son etc and see where his eyes are focused. If you happen to be a woman performing the research, I bet he is looking at you!

Here is my message to them;  If you respect your wife, you respect every woman. If you respect your mother, you respect every woman. If you respect your sister, you respect every woman.  If you respect your daughter, you respect every woman. If you don’t respect them, you don’t respect anyone. You need to see a psychologist!

When a heart pours out, it reveals everything. And in this washaway of  total disclosure, I am revealing my secret weapon. i.e I judge men by the way they treat women in their family and in general. I firmly believe that if they respect women close to them because they are women (apart from other attributes, but basically this), they’ll respect EVERY woman. Be it that she is sitting by the side of a trashy garbage can or stepping out of a Limousine. You don’t respect them for nothing but because you are aware of your potentials and theirs and that if nothing more, they at least deserve to be respected. Having said that, It is  actually been acknowledged that men have equal or more power than women in many aspects and will remain this way since God made them so but this is not the point of discussion.

The point is, men who stand against women, are weak. They are insecure to the bare bone. They are the  ones who feel obliged to raise their voice, in order to reassure themselves of the superiority, the ones who raise hand have a belief that if they won’t take this desperate measure, they will somehow get “beaten by a girl”. And the ones who, insult women verbally in private and/or in pubic in the  pursuit of character assassination to taint them for good, have a deep inferiority complex that has taken the measures of the last resort. It is only to feed their fickle, sickening ego.

Men don’t let women suffer. Men see women in the most subtle ways. They perceive them as the most delicate beings on earth. Have you ever noticed a father holding his new-born baby girl’s hand? That girl for him is his world. One day, she will be a wife and a mother to someone, someday. But that other man or other men won’t see her the same as he does! That’s the problem.


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