Humans are full of extraordinary gifts. Most of those are hidden and not visible to the naked eye. They are not aware of the immense possibilities to out do the best that is known with the innate that is unknown. The only thing that blocks their way is the carefree attitude towards self or lack of the dire need to become something better than they are!

The ones who actually have a desire/dream/wish to see themselves as a person of extraordinary traits are actually driven by an inner voice that keeps them restless and unhappy with the current state of affairs. After need has been acknowledged the want factor comes into play.

This ‘want’ than leads to a quest of a path that may lead to fulfilment of their ambitions. But how would one know which is the right path to follow? Their may be plenty of them;  shiny, smooth, alluring, rough, paved with pit-falls and hex-mines. Most will lead to good things that end bad. Few will lead a difficult path that may end on a dead-end. Others you might not even consider for the easy ways are not inspiring enough and may not be very fruitful.

A man never wants to walk a deceitful path full of duplicity and treachery. To avoid being toyed with and beguiled, leading to a  detrimental state,  a search for a path that will not only be the right one but also a rewarding one becomes of utmost importance.

Humans generally do not want to take risk, are afraid of it or will choose to play safe to reduce such calamities that lead to a blind alley least to say, no one wants to find out that their take on the chosen path was futile. They always calculate risk factor to avoid going on an uphill battle that ends in loss and failure. Tried times such as those where there are locks without keys, puzzles with missing pieces or situation that come upon you unexpectedly, unforseen circumstances like these need a stable sense of judgement and a balanced state of mind.

Having said so, and to keep in mind that nobody is an expert on life and the decisions to be taken and choices made are all subjective to situations and usually are circumstantial, there is a need of a beacon; an enhanced sense of perception… Clairvoyance; a strong sense of clarity in mind and heart to deal with such fixes in life. But, this is also subjective to a human and his capacity to build up such instincts and intuitive powers, greatly dependent on a quality that must exist even in its  miniscule form.

So, if  being good at ESP (extra sensory perception) is not every one’s cup of tea and not to risk all your stakes on something you find dubious and the foreknowledge is just not easy to find, to see through it you need some kind of belief, faith or a kind of love for something intangible.

Belief and Faith are very commonly known domains, we find common people follow it through religion, science and in anything that can justify its wisdom and knowledge by logic of the physical existence i.e by connecting the visible dots. To believe in something that is totally intangible such as feelings, phenomenon that have no ground reality like a concept, a dream, a vision, an idea, a philosophy …. even God! is a way to find the path of your search.

You believe in something so much that it manifests itself. If everything has its energy and all the energies combined or subtracted, multiplied or divided… shows you a way to what you believe in, it helps in your quest to make it become true, that which exists in you and has not yet been formed.

If passion is a power or an energy that drives a person to excellence, it may need a direction and regulation to hone itself for the best possible use. So are many other attributes that are indispensable and irreplaceable.

But we don’t see people of extraordinary qualities very commonly. The reason being, they have satiated their thirst to be better than a banal, run of the mill sort, by agreeing to take the easiest way possible. They never think that what they chose wasn’t that easy either… but just the thought of it being easy made their decision.

The same amount of hardship could be on the way to excellence…perhaps even harder, but then that is the price to be paid for the prize you’re focused on. The “easy way out” happens to people because of a lack of belief, faith or love for the intangible… the dearth of it creates a dearth of good people.


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