over years of patterned repetition

stood a shadowy figure alone

in misty haze and blinding dust

in-search of his lost soul.

With tears in his eyes and stingy skin

a man who’s burning within,

Foregone a glimpse of a distant mirage

that he doesn’t know how to let go!

In purity of thoughts, honesty and virtue

lies his belief so strong and true

this man lived like an over-shadow,

in her life through highs and the lows.

A prior claim over destined fortune,

and of a tragic , devastating fate.

that which can’t ever be undone,

for he feels liable to-date.

But alas, such awareness is a kill of joy,

the known is despicable beyond measures

For the bonds of blood are made in heaven

that created a hell of raging fire.

So don’t be surprised if you never see

the careless laughter and butterflies flee

those who took away the spirit of it all

were her blood relatives and not any strangers at the ball.

You witnessed, saw it with your own eyes,

the hatching of a devil as evils conspired

there I warned you amongst the spies

to beware of the devious, treachery and lies.

I have been dealt with, don’t you be sad,

took stand for the truth, for which Im glad.

I fought it fair and square, none can label me bad

In the end, I was only a human without an iron clad.


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