Life long togetherness are decisions of the heart,

It can’t be a battle that is won or lost.

In the pursuit of happiness, hatred must be oust,

one must weigh the gains as per its cost.

Hearts are won with kindness, battles with the head,

love empowers goodness, it’s very rightly said.

enforcement of will through power or authority

Won’t let you enjoy having such a victory.

Victory is not so sweet, if you stab her from behind.

it satisfies your brain that makes you ecstatic and blind,

Stubborn, arrogant, selfish….ruthless and unkind,

battles of hearts are not won by battles of the mind.

To surrender in battlefield is not for the brave,

and certainly not for the ones with unshakable faith,

abondoned crusades aren’t for winners to take,

Love is to sacrifice for a loved one’s sake.


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