In this world of unending lies and deception, the dark over powers every bit of goodness…or light. The battle is not fatal, to kill darkness for good, since darkness is only the absence of light but to keep it at its minimum…. Sometimes the balance of good/evil is so out of tune, it depicts as if every ray of light has been engulfed by the dark shadows… the air gets stale, the feeling gets heavy, your heart feels sick and the mind gets polluted.
I had never felt this way before…. nor did I ever struggled so hard for a pure whiff of fresh air.
They say if you stare at darkness for too long, you’ll catch up the germs sooner than you think you did. This heavy, dull, sick feeling can only be lifted if you shake it off yourself.

Light was bright, thoughts were clean, people seemed nice and the intentions pristine.

I am looking at someone else’s dim light that seems like it might burn out any time soon. I am loosing my own light as well but I feel really compelled to save that dim light from the dark shadows thinking what if it was me…looking out for a hand to take me out of a situation I no longer can tolerate?
I am here for someone who needs me… and if he won’t release me and would want me to stay….I have to stay! It is like one of those “children of the light” oaths ….we have to look out for each other…. specially if we have identified each other. But only if it is not just a figment of my imagination, and in reality…it exists as it appears.
In the case of it being a reality, I’ll find my way back to the place that we both could find warmth and light…enough to keep ourselves preserved for times to come since this “light” seems like dying out fast… and we need more like us to know there is still hope for this world to survive.
Sometimes I feel if all of these people get a bath and clean themselves from their fake façades, we can see that each and every one of them has an original/ special personality in them. They just have to take off as many layers as they have been putting up all this while… down under, there is a very unique person, worthy of recognition and appreciation… God never made a single being without a purpose or unique attribute….that’s why there is so much variety and so many kinds of people.
But at the moment, they all look the same…talk the same, act the same, walk the same, wear the same and think that following each other is “the way” to their “success”…..I think they sound ridiculous!
I think when they think other people would want to be like them or would envy them…they are living in a fool’s paradise!
You envy someone you don’t find anywhere else…or one who is pretty unique…..or at least not found in the near proximity…..how can you envy someone when there are numerous others standing right next to that person….almost exactly the same??
What’s so great about that? Someone is good in lobbying…. which is not a unique talent/ attribute, it is a skill that ANYONE can acquire given the right resources to make the give and take deal! So if you can convince people to sound like you, you being a woman for example….or behave like you? and if someone likes this amazing person….he is bound to like the other numerous just like her as well…that is an insult for someone like me! because you made no distinction between me and the others!!!

I for one, get pissed if someone tries to copy me…it just makes more clones and you get behind all of them. Not being able to justify your existence or given a chance to show your true colours….but of course if you have any!

The “herd” is good for those who have nothing in them, or the ones who conditioned themselves to lose their identity.
But if you do think that the spark is there…that you can yet save yourself from the over powering darkness, think outside the box full of “yes-man”, who will not let you breathe easy let alone to think on your own…. if others will do your thinking for you, it will only lead you to a path they chose. A life they thought was good for you. A career they think you should have. But, is it what you’d choose, had you given a free-will?
The answer to it defines where you stand and where you should stand!

My philosophy is like this;I don’t want to stand alone. But I also find it better to be with ones self than friends who can’t understand or are not at the same wavelength. Tolerable for a short while but not the confidant types… People worth the while are worth your emotions, time, life than those who don’t have much to contribute or who smudge your colours…. (in case you are a butterfly)

One must have a clear sense of distinction between good things and bad things. Even though one may never have experienced them in its purest form and its actual reality. Learning to identify the good is a must, in the hope that it may be sent to you by chance, by accident or just a god sent benevolence. In anyway, if you are able to identify it, you’ll attract it in your life….otherwise something that might be in your laps can easily slip away…because you never knew its worth/value.


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