where does this “love” ends and the maddening obsession begin? Followed by more obsession and ending in psychic disorders…and if you add any kind of drug addiction in it and a history of rehabs after rehabs….how much worse can it get for the one, he is obsessed with? Violence, abuse, exploitation, mental dis balance can lead to a place where you fail to recognize right from wrong…..and when you reach this point, there is no difference between a beast and you.
Love, is ONLY compassion, truth, loyalty, empathy, honesty, sincerity, respect, care, nurturing, pampering, sacrifice, emotional bonding, and above all defending against all odds so nothing harms the beloved. You can not even let a bug bite, let alone pull a scam!
It is not about how long have you been stalking her……it is about being happy in her happiness…..
It is not about possession, it is about selfless adoration.
It is not about making her bow to your command, but to respect her opinion about her life and the choices she makes for herself!
What you show and are capable of is anything but love…. you are making the worst things come to life and that is downright evil. This demon must die his own death… a not so sad demise it will be!
And if I denied once long long time ago….time only proved me right on it, Allah ka shukar hai!
Acceptance to that is a pragmatic approach to life.
I am no phoenix and you are not the ashes it comes back to life from!
Everyone has “demons” of their own…those that live within us…those that haunt us in the most silent moments and in seclusion… they darken us and keep rubbing the darkness upon us. But, we must be masters of our own selves… we must not let that “demon” darken everything around us as well. Instead, little by little and by borrowing light by finding goodness in the bounties of Allah and his creations….let that darkness fade to light…. let the light stay alive so it help kill the “demon” in the end. Our approach should be to keep the light in others and ourselves alive….and not to kill it through our darkness. Trust in goodness. Trust good people. Trust yourself and your emotions and above all, your intentions.Do not mock it or else your whole existence will be a laughing stock for the mentally retarded.
In this psychic ward, there are many kinds of sick people. Each bringing in his/her own flavor….if you won’t wash it off you, you might start picking up their ailments. This is a world of people who know deception better than their mothers. They know betrayal as a childhood friend. they know they can get stabbed at the back if they weren’t any smarter because they’ll do it if they could before even realizing anything to anyone else. In the nick of the time, it will be done…for they don’t pay much attention to any repercussions of any act or deed that occur….somehow they are above and beyond the clasp of it.


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