If you were in a relationship and you wanted to get even with your significant other over something that was completely your mind’s imagination….. The question is:
After you have gotten even with him/her for your paranoia,proven wrong on your misunderstanding….
should you also end up with the same person?

The one who is now a victim and considers you as the reason for her tormented life? The one who has now been through any and every kind of filth there ever could be in this world for anyone? The same person who has now faced allegations, lies, mental and physical torture, social boycott, health issues, and has lived in your weaved web of pits and plots…..scam after scam after scam….. WELL!!! HERE IS A BREAKING NEWS FOR YOU!!!!!!

The right thing to do was to confront and get your answer…..to believe in it or not was your personal decision, But never to have involved another soul into your personal, private matter…..THIS COULD’VE BEEN THE RIGHT DIRECTION….But too late!
On the contrary, EVERY SOUL witnessed what appeared to be a sham scam!

As a result of which, that person now blames you for everything that went wrong ever since you stepped in that person’s life… so how will this person ever feel safe with you? let alone the fact that there must be strong reasons to choose someone,……anyone for that matter…..for reasons such as for love, for trust, for loyalty, for respect, for partnership, for standing by her side through thick and thin, for understanding someone and her life and believing her, for trusting someone’s life the way it is or was, and not make it look like a heap of despicable lies?……..you ruined a very vulnerable/fragile heart and soul…..which is irreparable, irreplaceable and the situation is irreversible…
and you think you can have your home in it? STILL?
If all that weighs down by a petty, lowly, slanderous, thickly woven scam…..on what grounds will she find a neutral plains to lay the foundations of her upcoming life, with someone who did all this to her?

Only those men (women) get intimidated by strong women, who feel weak as a man…as a human. But a well-rounded personality, be it a woman or a man never becomes envious, insecure or feel inferior, standing next to her. To only find strength to beat her down or make her feel bad about herself!

Third party does what a “third Party” does best…..if you let them in, you must know that they come on an invite but leave as they please… Before you had set the court….handing me over to strangers…..you should’ve known, you’re letting me go into their “care”!
Now, I have lost everything!!!! and you have lost me!

So before you point another finger…. Just see how much destruction this “war” has caused you as well. And any further actions are just another push in the same direction…..the direction which is WRONG!


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