Love is nothing but kindness, forgiveness, protection and defense. Allah’s love makes a human soft at heart, fear of Allah makes him vigilant of his actions and words, in the possibility to err and in hope that he won’t be assigned God’s wrath. Allah makes you love your fellow beings… Fasting in Ramadan in its true spirit is to teach us to always feel for others. Empathy will never make you leave your feet off ground. And you do it every year because you being a human will forget very quickly…even without much outside intervention. Allah gives and forgives, man takes and forsakes… You are not supposed to pass judgment because you being a true Muslim desire to be sent to heaven without a question, you ask for this divine favor hence you fear Allah. The spirit of worship is to gain Allah’s consent in your wishes/desires of both worldly and of the hereafter. And if Allah said in Quran that acts are based on intentions and given that Allah has not made man with the attributes to decipher the intentions being right or wrong, then on moral/religious grounds, a man can’t be held responsible to pass verdicts and judgments on other fellow humans….keeping in mind that Allah has kept the knowledge of the unknown to himself….the hidden truths of hearts, intentions, other worlds, and the worlds within the world. And this makes a man’s mind get tricked by many things….It takes a long time to attain the wisdom to call out bluffs in a glimpse… Then why would a man become totally arrogant with his piety and worship…does he not know that being proud of your worshiping and of your righteousness is what made Satan leave heaven? Because Satan considered himself God’s favorite and claimed the highest high in Allah’s court?? Then why will anyone take the support of religion to cater to something so non religious? This “problem” is NOT religious! This is a mind set or a belief system at work. some topics are just so common here in Pakistan related to family matters and still we don’t think how relationships should be maintained……then we cry for the rest of our lives over a dysfunctional family….God save us all! It is very rightly said…..when we are the victims, we are the prosecutors and we are the judges and executors….the other party has “NO CHANCE IN HELL” In a broader perspective, people who lose their conscience exist in this life/world and hurt us and when things like that happen to other people, we read it somewhere and don’t give much shit to it….but if it happens to us, we don’t get much courage to take ourselves out of it. This time it is your story or my story and other people get to read it and give no shit about it. If two parties can’t settle their disagreement on their own, why do they expect that a third party can settle their disagreement? You can’t bribe Allah with money for transferring your sins in someone else’s basket…you can’t bribe Allah to take away your sins with money…You can’t buy Allah’s happiness or consent. You can’t make your wrong look like your right in lieu of money… you can’t offer money to ask Allah to make you invincible and immortal when you are absolutely a wrong person and still a mortal. Then why is your arrogance for riches and your conduct with people so godly?(na’aoozo billah) Do you think you are a fir’oun? Do you know what happened to him in the end? Then why chose the wrong idols? Our only hope is Allah and Allah’s divine justice. Do you not know that you will die and resurrected and brought forward to face Allah? With the question and answers in the truest sense….in the ultimate day of judgement….YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO LIE OR FABRICATE LIES AROUND YOUR SORRY SELFISH LIFE! All you can do to be a truly righteous person is that you have to promise to ALWAYS do the right thing! The kind of peace you get from worshiping Allah, nobody and nothing can give you that. You need to open your heart to let the light in and all the darkness and the dark shadows die by the very glimpse of light…. Dark will try to over power you, but light does not need too much space to nullify the effects of dark. The beauty of it is that as soon as light comes in, darkness and its effects fade away….only to try building it all over again. Do you know any reference of a nation that used to build a wall every night and by the time it was to complete, they’d stop working (as a miracle), only to find that the wall has been demolished. They build it again but no use….EVERY TIME! If in Islam, covering is so important for both men and women even so that women are not supposed to expose their face and men are not supposed to be tempting to women in ANY WAY….but when they go to the most spiritual of all the many ways to worship Allah… i.e Hajj (pilgrimage to the Holy Kaaba) men wear an attire that is two pieces of cloth of which one is worn around the chest in a way that it reveals one shoulder (shoulder down) and women wear an abaya and a piece of cloth around their head in a way that the face shows. Q: Why wasn’t it made sure that in a big gathering such as that, men and women do not have different timings of visitation or (tawa’aaf) or different queues or anything that segregates men from women. Q: Why is it not made sure that the women keep their faces hidden since not all those billions of people can be her mehram and the men must keep covered so as to not tempt the ladies? Q:More importantly, why do some of the rules “do not apply” at certain situations and become “conditional” while at other times not following them is a sin? If this is the case, then how can you have a “fatwa as you please”, on right about anything without knowing the intricacies of your faith and the conditions that apply or other wise. Q: Being a common man, how will you judge a situation if it falls under conditional/ non-conditional/unconditional category, if you are not a scholar or a literary person of sound morality. Why should your “say” in such matters eb taken as valid or worthy of consideration? I hate to be called a hypocrite if I can’t respond to this to a Non-Muslim who wants to know my religion in detail. I for one, do not consider myself to be an “Allama” (religious scholar) on Islamic studies. My search is not the response to queries but to have authentic knowledge to further strengthen my faith. Questioning your religion is not “Blasphemy” (for heaven’s sake). It is a way to know better and to know if you know better. So when you go on a “fatwa” business, which is a way to find a religious way out to what suits you better provided all else stays constant… you should know your subject well to see if their is a hidden agenda to such “fatwas”. I don’t know how can an Islamic program be a place of amusement. I guess, we have forgotten the good old days when religion and many such things were dealt accordingly i.e with respect. There are certain things, and there should be,that must remain above and beyond mockery and ridicule. The only approach to address them should be with respect. Can someone notify where in quran is there a reference to: “Only the fear of Allah Ta’aala will create within a woman the spirit to give preference to her husband and children over herself.” How many times can you rightly quote Muhammad (PBUH) with a saying that women can only marry and look after her responsibilities if she is God fearing. For argument’s sake, an atheist woman or the one who worships statues or fire, takes care of her children, husband, home and relatives and can devote herself unconditionally to them all the same…
Q: Why do newly inclined religious people have to make such statements and do an impression of a cave man to prove that he/she is pious? Who are they proving it to? People? because god knows your soul and whether it is a pious soul or not? God won’t judge you if you are a beardless muslim. But he might judge you if you are FAKING being a muslim by the looks of it but in its essence you fail to meet ANY of the criteria! There is such a thing as hypnosis and the professional hypnotist can get in your sub conscience, to plant a feeling, belief, idea etc that they desire by exploiting by a tiny bit of something repressed or forgotten so much so that it feels like a present moment in time and get you to live in it forever…..for their own good. This whole sick plot will no longer be entertained and everyone must take note of it. People who have hired others to help them in their evil games must BACK OFF!!!!! NOW! If you were not good enough back then, when other people/things were chosen over someone/something, she/he’ll ALWAYS do that. People/things may change… But once you are “compromised”…..be sure that for him/her, you will always be that “buffer” that can be compromised! I don’t understand why people do not understand that it is ONLY a MATTER OF TIME….take the current situation out…and the “norm” will resume! You know it better than me “what” the “norm” was or is??!!?? Is this the way to our society’s “success”? On who’s agenda is this happening so subliminally that none of us is even realizing… let alone to question it? For so much violence and bloodshed around us, and a variety of social, economical, cultural, judicial problems… someone handed over a solution…..”Exceed your pleasure from your pain.”

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