That moment in your life when you can see less but comprehend more….No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!
If all of us could learn to mind our own business, and focus on developing our lives…so much positivity could be generated at whatever pace you have. But if you keep tangling yourself into the lives of others, you waste that moment of YOUR life, trying to help, understand, discuss or ruin for others by obsessing over what could or couldn’t be, what should or shouldn’t happen and what would or wouldn’t turn out of the circumstantial glitch.
That moment you spend sorting out others, is cut out from your life for good. You can only use time once. Use it wisely. Your time is irreversible, emotions are irreplaceable, energy is valuable and attention is important.
Having said the above, respecting other people’s lives, emotions and helping them out with your empathy and sympathy should go as far as it does not bite you back. A suggestion or an advice is a free giveaway….you can either take it or you don’t. But either way, the actions are subject to your mentality, your understanding of it and in the end, it is utterly and absolutely your responsibility. If you can’t understand this concept, you’ll not make just one mistake… there will be a series of them, building up like a pyramid, based on one argument, one misunderstanding, one judgment error, or that one false accusation. The question is, when will you stop and not let ego take over control? When will you realize your mistake? Where will it take you? How does it end?
Communication error usually occurs on the side of the receiver because the interpretation and decoding of a message usually depends on the kind of mind frame one has or the general mentality of that person. Message sender may have a different point of view and may be misconstrued during the communication process.
Sort out your life….make it easy… learn to let go… the more you keep sticking with an old feud the more it eats up your life, your energy, your time and your chance to have a better life. Bickering, gossip, petty arguments are a level which can clasp you in its claws and will drag you down every time you want to grow out of it.
Those fights that are fought in the dirtiest possible way end up increasing the dirt load at both ends.
In these kind of attacks where your ego tells you to keep going on that path of “How dirty I can get” only proves “How dirty one can get” (at both ends)…it does not end in anyone being victorious or better than the other.
And if you really are better than the other, DO NOT take the bait of going down to their level because that is what they’d want. The one pulling your leg is beneath you and wants to pull you down so you can no longer be above that person. And DO NOT let that person play with your emotions. There is a time to be sensitive about sensitive stuff and there is a time to not let the other take advantage of it. The judgment of it can only be correct if you remain out of “their” game and not play along.
They will keeeeep stretching it because they can’t do any better than that. This will eventually stall your life forever.
Let go. Get out of it. If it was any good for you, it would probably not become this twisted and toxic.
As I said, “Communication error usually occurs on the side of the receiver because the interpretation and decoding of a message usually depends on the kind of mind frame one has or the general mentality of that person”. So the more confusion at receiver’s end, chances are that the message had gone into many different tiers of scrutiny. If this happens, it may help you refrain from prejudices, discrimination, stereotyping and above all a wrong decision based on a shallow judgment.
This sort of confusion is better than jumping into an eluded conclusion. This will generate a totally misguided series of actions, repercussions of which could be detrimental.
Now is a good time as any, to let bygones be bygones and think of a life which could be without this fussy, messy stuff! A life which is totally in control, on a smooth cruise and without regrets…
On a wrong road, the regrets will be directly proportional to the lengths you go!


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