So there came a time

When she finally realized

all this time in days and nights

She was writing; story of her life

The demons were huge

She painted the horror black

angels were captivated

but their light they could not retain

Magic was in the air, the vibes were strong.

she thought to herself, well….what if?

What if her story turns a twist?

more twisted than the black shadow could ever imagine

what if they could play this time as well?

What if the premonitions won’t help her at all?

What if she falls the worst fall?

What if she won’t ever get back up at all?

What if she breaks bad….

never getting her spirit back?

What if she could never find love?

What if someone changes her way home?

What if with this everything ends?

What if this is the end?

She heard a feeble voice drowned in the maddening noise

baby don’t leave me…..don’t give up!




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