Friend: As an observer, when you try to know how other  people  experience a phenomenon to compare it to your experience, usually you see people with tied up minds. Everyone is living in the same world, see the same things but we all feel differently and have unique perceptions. People do not react or experience life in the same manner and are bound to think with their mind set.
It is very strange a feeling, to know that we are all given with almost the same set of resources (the world) but we look at it with a strong influence of our surrounding, set up, set of values and physical surrounding.
Eiffel Tower, for some is an amazing, magical creation. For others, it represents great genius’s life long work. And some would be totally unaffected by its presence.

Lets just say that, people see the outer world as they feel their inner world.
Stability is a straight line ____________________________________________________ but so is death.
How you take it is totally based on your mental inclinations. In your head, things may differ from how others perceive it. Does not make it right or wrong… Being different can only be threatening to a system that runs on bilateral support.
Friend: There is still confusion about how much experiences in your life play a part in making beliefs and patterns in one’s thought process. Or if they even have any impressions.
Me: I believe that lessons learnt and tough decisions do play a great part in how you perceive life and what you think life can be? or what it is?
Me: Sometimes you are not standing against people. Sometimes it is the mindset that is offensive.
Friend: People are more scarier than animals. Animals have instincts and mostly they don’t act out of it. But humans can be very dangerous. That is why smart people like me 🙂 never choose a thing without complete knowledge of who and what they are getting into.
There is so much….so much that any mind can think of and there is so much that you can do….if only you never put yourself in a cage or box.
But we only need to realize that we are caged up!
We only need to see that there is a mind blocking that is not letting your mind fly. There is a box, your mind has been walled up from all sides and you live in it thinking there is nothing beyond this.
Also, sometimes you need to kick the blockers out. Other times they kick themselves out of your mind.


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