I’ve seen hell fire…..I’m glad I am alive to tell the tale.

It’s funny that they sell you lies and want you to shut up and agree politely…. And if you tell them you are a liar, they get hurt and want to hurt you…. When they hurt you sufficient enough they come again and ask you, are we right or not! Your answer better be yes or else you are put up to another torture of some kind.

I’ve seen people being tortured and heard them say I can’t take it anymore of this torture from you! Stop.
But they don’t stop like they are possessed by some blood thirsty demon….. No ears, no eyes, no feelings, no soul. Just talking bodies……
They can’t face being hated. It’s quite surprising/shocking for anyone who can see, hear, feel and has a soul.
Don’t tell them they are doing something bad. They are the villains in this story. Because they are not who they appear to be….. Those super natural bullshit is not unreal. You can say you met a demon when you really have seen one….. And as you recognize one, you get acquainted with similar kinds cause now you can spot them.

Now you have two hell fires…. One will provoke you to blur shit out to the other and the other will pinch you to tell the tale of the other one…..but if you can see, they are on the same team…both will love to hit you as hard as they can for as long as they can and as much as they can…. And then they’ll give the charge to the other to continue hitting you…


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