I have come across many unusual scenarios in life. Situations that are totally unheard of or at least not in a so called educated society’s context, where people appear and pretend to be one and are totally opposite or unlike what they claim to be.

I have suffered from the illness of gullibility all my life. I always thought it was a blessing in disguise. And it sure was, up until it became the worst nightmare of a little girl who thought she was twirling and strolling in a garden full of flowers and lush green grass, whereas she was doing a ballet’ on a land mine with a miraculous safety… her stepping on a bomb was inevitable but in her total oblivion, she expected the unexpected. It is called living in a fool’s paradise or utopia, but there were people closely surrounding her with needles in their hands, looking for a perfect chance to burst her bubble. And boooooooooooom !!!!!!!!!! went the dynamite!


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