She saw flight schedule and for the 100th times in excitement and like a little girl jumped to her feet. She turned and asked the old, haggard looking man beside her, ‘Is our flight on time Uzman?”
The grumpy old, haggard who was quite excited about the trip himself, turns around and looks at her thinking, he’s already done the irreparable damage to his enemy, a little girl whose fault it was to fall in love in a scam he thought he’d pull off without a glitch.
Drowned in his thoughts he remembers he faced a point in time where he just couldn’t get his daughter to keep latched to the guy no more…..feeling quite helpless, admitted it to the little enemy girl. His failure developed a volcanic loathe toward that little girl for she was just too good to be ignored…… a blind hate that made him think he could kill her or at least hurt her the worst possible way…..for his daughter’s heart’s satisfaction…..startled by the nervous question, he turns around and looks at the woman beside him and said, “hmmm……” Sam opens up her hand bag and fiddles through the stuff, thinking, really hard for a way that may sabotage this trip…….Somewhere in her heart she knew, “maybe the heart’s consent is all that’ll matter in the end, after all! She thought to herself in a sudden melancholy.
This is a story of an old couple that makes its journey to the land of million opportunities to get the guy to agree to give up his love and dreams to have a family with the love of his life, his soulmate, who lives far far away…. for the happiness and wishes of their daughter. But will their bad debt on the entire human civilization let them get away with it….yet again?

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