Why it would never work out with the cousin from UK?

Because he was drenched in the poison of hatred for me. Every single aspect that would be the glorious part of your personality would make him miserable. The chap became compatible. Was told  that the girl thinks too much of herself. And that she considers you nothing. That women who are vocal and talk about things that matter in the world are snooty bitches and controlling them is way to difficult. So the man did what men like him do. They try to break the spirit of that person so badly that the only way to save them is by going down on your feet, begging them to take care of them.

So much for teenage fantasy. The girl is Venus the guy is Mars. She doesn’t appreciate men like him and he doesn’t get who she is!

Family feuds that go on for generations take generations down the drain with them. It is true that if you don’t work something out with someone, don’t take years just to realize that there was a reason why it didn’t work out.

He’d rather smudge everything colorful, perfect and fragrant in her then to enhance it.

If she were to get one slap, he’d do something or say something to get her at least two.


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