A scam is a scam is a scam!!!

Evidently enough, those people play their scams on others who are slanted towards the evil side!!

People who find themselves helpless to a situation and need others to help them sort it out, fall victim to these con artists who mask themselves as your saviors… “I will do it for you” is the most common statement to give you a peace of mind and assurance that you are now in good hands and come what may, your goal will be achieved.

Think about it!! whats the credibility of this person? Could he, take anyone else out of such a rut before?? Could he help himself out??

If the answer is NO you are pinned as a prey to a very elaborated scam with many different players, acting out their part in it. The point where they win is when they get away with it without a suspicion and walk right under your nose without getting their codes decoded.

The very basic ingredient to a great, successful scam is the level of trust  a victim has on the scammer along h a fist full of stupidity.

It not only makes it easy to con the  but also requires less thought cutting the t’s and dotting the i’s.

If a scammer wants to go undetected, he must know his victim well enough to  forsee the  brain pattern, and how the victim’s brain works, it’s inclination (good or evil) and weaknesses. Brain pattern helps in predicting the next move and the weakness makes it easy to know where to hit.

once you have gained their trust, they basically become your favor bank.a victim’s attention (in good or bad sense) and next move can be predicted or at least narrowed down to countable option.

It is only the weaknesses or the most touching, concerning issues that can put you ahead in the game.

Studying your victim very closely could end up being a stalker (that may question your psyche)but helps in achieving your targets. (short run, short sighted, wishful thinking)

The more or oblivious the victim is about your motives, the easier it is to deploy your strategies in stealth. 

The victim might buy your hoaxes and only afterwards realize what had hit him.

Here is the downfall…..when he repeatedly (underestimating your opponent), doing the same tricks you actually fall into the pits of creating a pattern yourself.

Once a pattern becomes visible, consider yourself detected (loser). Then, the whole scam changes into a “new direction”, where everyone becomes curious to know how it ends.

To say the least, a scam is over the moment your authenticity, your intention and motive is questioned.

From the scammer point of view, a s am is on the right (in which case on the wrong track 😉 as long as the victim is unaware of it, the scams hence revealed is   an unsuccessful, twisted plot for unholy motives which can be put to rest.


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